Friday, January 27, 2006


I have a vision for a redemption center in Springfield Mo. It will be on Commercial Street. It will be a place that people can come to be redeemed. The scripture verse for the center is Ephesians 5:16 “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil” A motto for the center will be “one free item per person”. That free item is salvation. Every class, service, or product must be paid for. Working, trading or giving, can be used to pay. That way a network of people working together would be available.
As we begin, it is important to note that volunteers will do all the work. The volunteers will consist of people wanting to help others, people wanting to help themselves, and people wanting to help others that are helping themselves to rise to a better life. Redemption center will be a gathering place for workers. Needs will be met as callings are fulfilled. This is not a church or a substitute for a church. It will be a place that will train leaders and lead trainers. It will be a place were ANYONE can serve in some way. Race, age, gender, denomination, culture, abilities and inabilities will not add to or take away from what an individual can do to serve others.


First phase will be to establish a working redemption store in the building that is farthest east. This will be done by first cleaning up all trash and debris. Then restoration work on the building would begin including but not limited to replacing the current roof with a modern one, panting, repairing brickwork, installing walls and doors, replacing windows, insulating, replace all wiring and plumbing, ect.
When the lower floor is at a point were it can function as a viable store, training in retail sales, customer service, and general computer use will begin. The store will be a buy, sell, and trade store modeled after Redeemed Music and Books. The store will not be a bookstore. It will be redemption store A.K.A. (quality) thrift store.


Phase two will be a continuation of the cleaning and restoration of the next two areas. Training in construction work will be ongoing throughout these early phases. There is a lot of debris and trash to cart off.


When the lower level of the second area is restored, education classes and meetings will be held. This area will be used by all flavors of believers. This will take place in the middle area to show that the core of this work is unity in Christ. The classrooms will be rented out to teachers for training in areas that include but are not limited to dance, art, music, drama, ect. No student will be turned down for financial reasons. If they cannot afford a class then they can work in other areas of ministry to be able to pay for it.


Phase three will be restoration of the one story area on the farthest west portion of the building. It has a garage door that makes it idea for a small auto repair shop that would be use as a training ground. Oil changes and other services could be done for people that have limited finances for repair work.
In the back of the shop a small engine repair shop will be set up. This shop will be for working on lawnmowers and the like. We will even have crews to go out and cut lawns and do work in the neighborhood. This will help the students learn and beautify the area


Phase four will be the renovation of the two top floors. The floor farthest east (Right) will be turned into a two-bedroom loft apartment. The apartment will be rented out and moneys from the rent will go into the ministry.


The other loft will be used as advanced classrooms for growing training.


Phase five will be outreach and modeling so as to duplicate the work in other towns around Missouri and elsewhere.


The plan is to work ourselves out of a ministry in this area by meeting all the needs we can and then going to an area of greater need. Right now the need is great in commercial street area so that is were we will start.

Estimated time frame until complete is five to ten years.
Estimated cost 300,000.00 to 500,000.00
Estimated volunteer hours needed 438,000

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last day of 2005


As 2005 ends and 2006 begins, now is the time for the children of God to be made known. Time for a mighty army of workers to come forth and get into the street so they can help people. Time for the body to unit under the common banner of the resurrected Christ and proclaim the salvation that He brings. If we stop fighting each other and work together we can see God change the world through us. I will start my fight on Commercial st. With the homeless and the drug addicts. I will shine forth my life as a burning light of His glory. I have burned the plow and slaughtered the ox. For me, there is no turning back! 2006 will mark the full out begging of my calling. Pray for me to walk in love and power. To walk in the authority and anointing that is on my life. Pray that I will fearlessly proclaim the gospel to all generations. Pray that I will be all things to all men that I may in some way win a few. Pray that I will give all to the call and serve Him with all I have. Pray that I will not faint or grow weary in well doing.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Grace dancing

This is grace giving us a dance

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The kids got to sing in church today and boy were they cute.